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Virtual Party Space Devlog #12: Player avatars

Today I add the ability to have player avatars, and realise I have to build my own character creator to get the features I want.


  • had trouble with getting event out of GamePhysics, so moving audio location using update
    • BUG: this updates audio location every frame, change to only update when changed RESOLVED
  • finished adding code to change player avatar and make it an in-game object
    • currently only works for participants who join after you
    • new objects are on an orthographic grid and don’t have movement. GridPhysics class needs adjustments to work
  • BUG: leaving conference caused exception when calla.localUserId still exists but user had been removed from local array RESOLVED

Character Creator

About this series

Back in mid-December I started an ambitious project to create a custom platform for a virtual birthday party in February. I kept notes on my progress, both for personal reference and to turn into a series of blog posts. It quickly became apparent that I did not have time to both do the project and blog about the project. I have retroactively decided to post my raw notes as a dev log.