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Virtual Party Space Devlog #22: Amazon Certificates Manager

In the past couple days I threw away all that work with Let’s Encrypt to use Amazon Certificates Manager instead.


Tuesday, February 2

  • Note for future: CPU and memory in ECS
  • Error “The VPC in region has already been associated with the hosted zone with the same domain name”
    • Deleted VPC to fix this DO NOT DO THIS, need to have a default VPC to do anything
  • verified that ELB changes every time I delete the stack, so will have to keep updating CNAME record
    • unless I can figure out how to retain ELB without breaking create
  • updated health check by adding overlays, but have to delete whole stack for every change
  • had to expose port 8080 which I don’t love, but at least it works
  • tried out Amazon Certificate Manager to request a certificate for my domain, and that seems to have worked
    • think it should automatically use it for load balancer? Need to wait for domain to propagate to check
    • wasted all that time learning Let’s Encrypt and didn’t need it, but at least I learned something

Wednesday, February 3

ACM certificates

  • need to add certificate to a listener on port 443
    • change type from TCP to TLS
    • leave other settings as default I guess
  • PROBLEM: this causes “http request to https port” error
    • ELB terminates HTTPS and sends HTTP request to web server - need to tell nginx to stand down
      • remove ssl http2 from nginx listen 443 directives (this means probably want to turn on ALPN HTTP2 service on ELB listener)
        • if you get rid of ssl but not http2 server will still run but only return garbage - HTTP2 is SSL-only
      • remove all other ssl directives (conveniently packaged in ssl.conf)

About this series

Back in mid-December I started an ambitious project to create a custom platform for a virtual birthday party in February. I kept notes on my progress, both for personal reference and to turn into a series of blog posts. It quickly became apparent that I did not have time to both do the project and blog about the project. I have retroactively decided to post my raw notes as a dev log.