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Virtual Party Space Devlog #7: Upgrade pain

Today I struggle with a new, completely backwards-incompatible version of Calla.


  • First tried copying in new Calla library, tons of errors
  • Downloaded newer version with updated build script, but still took a long time to figure out how I’m supposed to use it
  • Loaded as npm library using file:.. syntax
    • Had to add allowUmdGlobalAccess and resolveJsonModule to tsconfig to avoid errors
  • Changed integration to use new syntax, but still guessing on what some of the analogues are
    • public AudioManager interface actually makes adding clips easier
  • Error breaks JS on load in website though

About this series

Back in mid-December I started an ambitious project to create a custom platform for a virtual birthday party in February. I kept notes on my progress, both for personal reference and to turn into a series of blog posts. It quickly became apparent that I did not have time to both do the project and blog about the project. I have retroactively decided to post my raw notes as a dev log.