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what i'm reading: february 11

Instead of posting a reading list on Sunday I instead read 5 books, so while I feel like I haven’t gotten much reading done that’s not entirely correct.

Completed Books

  • Finished Algorithms of Oppression: how search engines reinforce racism by Safiya Umoja Noble. A little more dry and academic than I was expecting, but I did learn some things about how algorithms intersect poorly with marginalised identities.

  • Re-read Martha Wells Murderbot Diaries novellas for at least the second, possibly third time. I deeply enjoy this character and this world, and the novellas are quick so they make good stress reads.

    • All Systems Red
    • Artificial Condition
    • Rogue Protocol
    • Exit Strategy
  • Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir was nothing at all like what I expected, despite being exactly what all my friends described it as. Perhaps not exactly alike. Billed as “lesbian necromancers in space”, while they technically do go to space for half a page, it is primarily a sword-and-sorcery Clue-style mystery