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what i'm reading: June 14

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Continuing to read a combination of political and tech industry news, as protests continue but are deemed no longer newsworthy, and COVID is on the rise again as communities go back to pretending everything is normal. Welcome to the new normal.

Racial Justice

Engineering management

  • Rachel Hands points out in her post on anti-racist management practices that leaders have a responsibility to do more than just be not-racist, and points to some good resources for managers looking to do better at creating an inclusive work environment.

  • Ben French has three lessons for building teams that can adapt to change, which is a little focused on government/policy initiatives but could work for tech teams too

Effective engineering

Big ideas in tech

  • Greg Epstein, TechCrunch’s Ethicist in Residence interviewed author Ijeoma Oluo about ethics in tech, which left me wanting to know more about how tech and the internet are designed and used in non-Western regions.

  • Jesse Li’s long essay Where Did Software Go Wrong? meditates on how software cannot be separated from human voices and systems, but stops short of suggesting answers.

  • I love the phrase omnia contexta sunt from John D Cooks' post on having reminders that the world is complex. The aphorism, proposed by Latin scholar Lily Hart, literally means “all things have been braided”, thus suggesting not only complexity, but interdependence.

Coding tools