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what i'm reading: November 8

Have spent more time on home-improvement projects than article-reading in the past few weeks, but it felt like time to pull the plug on the current list of stuff-to-read. It has been hard to focus on tech stuff during the tension of the US election. Coming up in the next few weeks I expect to be distracted by Desert Bus For Hope and the Worldbuilders end of year fundraiser, so I shouldn’t get my hopes too high about a reading resurgence until the holidays.

Just learned about libro.fm as a non-Amazon source for audiobooks, but I also just used up a big cache of Audible credits so may take a while to really make use of it.


  • Started the audiobook of Radical Markets: Uprooting capitalism and democracy for a just society, but can’t quite remember what compelled me to add it to my shopping cart. I’m not big on economics, and I’m not certain I’ll be able to follow the arguments being made in audio format, but may as well try. Not sure I’m sold on the premise.

  • I tend to hopscotch around in O’Reilly books when I’m looking for bed-time reading and not stick with one book for long, but I might dig more into Eben Hewitt’s Technology Strategy Patterns. It’s not precisely riveting reading, but I’ve been able to at least vaguely follow along even though I mostly only read it as I’m preparing to fall asleep.

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