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Virtual Party Space Devlog #16: AWS architecture with docker-compose

Today I finally stopped procrastinating and started seriously looking into how to build this on AWS. (But also fixed a bunch of bugs!)


  • looked into memory leaks
    • initial tests show that memory growth doesn’t present over short timeframes
  • added userId to events to allow for multiple-player movement
  • modified depth layers so player avatars always drawn in front of scenery at “same” depth (using step-2 as considered before)
    • still looks weird when player going behind things, but moving in front of buildings now looks right

Bug fixes

  • took forever to figure out mute bug!
    • calling toggleAudioMuted in conferenceJoined event handler was the problem
      • conferenceJoined event is dispatched before async setAudioInput completes, so toggle would find no input and create a new one, which would then get destroyed when the initial audio input tried to complete.
      • always saw 2 adds, 2 removes, so maybe the async calls stepped on each other?
      • left with no audio track, new audio track would then be created on hitting mute toggle or switching inputs
    • combined with Calla’s not-great idea to use “toggle” instead of any way of setting directly
      • isAudioMuted was always null so would always toggle, regardless of “set” value
      • even after patching that, initial state is always null, so leads to different behaviour depending if audio track exists or not
    • no easy way to create a track muted
      • startAudioMuted in Jitsi doesn’t seem to do anything?
      • also tried startMutedPolicy, also doesn’t seem to do anything
        • maybe look into these later, but Jitsi is complicated.
  • reverted a change to Calla and then discovered it’s required to have the “None” option in audio/video dropdowns
    • redid fix and committed this time
    • still on “fixes” branch of official repo, haven’t recalled how to switch origins
  • remote user avatars now properly load to that user’s reported position
    • addParticipant is getting sloppy, might want to break this out into somewhere else
  • figured out how to properly add user avatars & positions for all users!
    • requires sending custom Jitsi messages. Calla doesn’t have an interface for this, so now I’ve polluted my conference code with hard-coded Jitsi references


  • A recommended Fargate and I guess I see it, going to try tutorials in that direction
  • installed ecs cli and upgraded aws-cli
    • ****TODO: set up AWS profile
  • Eventually get an Elastic IP
    • cost <$5 for a month
    • add CNAME at domain registrar well in advance to get domain name

Using docker-compose

Other considerations

  • I think the only thing the “web” docker container is used for is proxying http-bind on to xmpp.meet.jitsi:5280
    • could ditch “web” altogether, and replace it with a container of my app?
  • my code is getting complicated enough that I’m starting to break features when adding a new feature, probably need tests
    • unfortunately most of my test needs are integration/e2e, not sure how to test ie jitsi connection events
      • a mock of lib-jitsi-meet would take so long to write

About this series

Back in mid-December I started an ambitious project to create a custom platform for a virtual birthday party in February. I kept notes on my progress, both for personal reference and to turn into a series of blog posts. It quickly became apparent that I did not have time to both do the project and blog about the project. I have retroactively decided to post my raw notes as a dev log.